"These are Russians!" Russian Su-25s plowed the runway and hit the whole world

Russian Su-25s plowed the airstrip of the airfield and aroused admiration.

The pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces demonstrated to the whole world an amazing take-off and landing on an unpaved runway, proving that these Russian attack aircraft are designed to operate anywhere in the world, even in the absence of prepared military air bases. So, in the presented video frames, you can see how the Russian Rooks, accelerating along the runway of a military airfield, leave a kilometer plume of dust behind them, literally plowing the ground, and although there is obviously no indication of the Russian Aerospace Forces, foreigners easily determined that only Russian pilots are capable of this.

Video footage posted by user "Fighterbomber" shows Russian pilots practicing takeoff and landing exercises on unpaved runways. When accelerating, attack aircraft leave behind an almost one and a half kilometer plume of dust, rising above the ground. The professionalism of performing such tasks did not go unnoticed by foreigners.

“These are Russians! Only Russian pilots can have fun in this way "

“Damn it! These machines seem to be "immortal" - they not only strike from several tens of meters during the operation of air defense systems, but also take off from unprepared airfields "

"If the Russians do this with their planes on the ground, you can imagine what they are doing in the air."

At what specific Russian military airfield this video was filmed is unknown, however, earlier something similar was demonstrated by the Russian Il-76 aircraft.

Changing the chassis is a trifle for the sake of victory. The main thing is that NATO members understand the Russians and do not cherish dreams of trampling the Russian land (like the Fuehrer)

A couple of such trainings and the plane is sent for routine maintenance, up to the replacement of the landing gear.

I am proud of our pilots. They continue the tradition of the famous hero pilots of the Second World War. I have no doubt that they will always be the first in the sky!