This is a joke? Russian S-500s learned to shoot down non-existent missiles

Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense systems have learned to hit missiles that do not exist.

The general designer of the Almaz-Antey concern, the latest Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense and missile defense systems, which have not even been adopted yet, are capable of hitting missiles that do not exist. Such a statement caused a lot of criticism from Web users, since even the state tests of this system have not been completed to date.

“Is that a joke? How can we talk about the defeat of cruise and ballistic missiles, which do not even exist? ”

"Once again, Russian designers decided to exaggerate about the capabilities of air defense systems?"

Nevertheless, as it turned out, the words of the general designer of the Almaz-Antey concern were simply not taken in this way, and such arguments from the side of non-specialists are very hasty.

It is about predicting key targets for the S-500 systems that may appear in the future, including, by this, we mean the flight speed of missiles and their warheads, counteraction by electronic warfare equipment, etc., moreover, we are talking about prospects for the next decade.

“According to the general designer of the Almaz-Antey concern Pavel Sozinov, the company’s specialists have tried to make a forecast for the development of offensive aerospace assets for the next 25 years and believe that they have reliably determined the characteristics that a potential adversary can achieve during this time. From them come the capabilities of the S-500, which should be able to bring down not yet existing, but possible in 5-10 years, means of attack ”- transmit the media.

According to some reports, the Russian S-500 will be ready for deliveries to the Russian Armed Forces by the end of this year.

This is what pins. Everything is developed with an eye to future speeds and opportunities. Therefore, in any real time, whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow, the soviet air defense perishes immediately and there has never been any sense from it, so there isn’t even now

Arabs simply do not know how to work on such a technique as the "Shell" ...

Syrians have already received permission from Russia to use the S-300 against Israeli aircraft. Now let's see if they can or they can.

This is the potential! This I understand!

Probably there is an agreement.

The Russian expert named the reasons for the successful actions of Israel in Syria and said that Moscow can not afford a war with Jerusalem
FEBRUARY 17, 2020 12:30
The effectiveness of the Israeli Air Force in the sky of Syria is affected by geopolitical, military-technical, financial and organizational-staff nuances. This is the opinion of the famous Russian expert, military observer of the newspaper Mikhail Khodarenka.

He analyzed the effectiveness of the Syrian air defense and came to the conclusion that Moscow was not to blame.

Khodarenok noted that the number of missile and air strikes by the Israeli Air Force on targets in Syria reached several hundred, while Israel has virtually no combat losses.

Khodarenok emphasized the fact that there is no publicly available accurate data on the combat and numerical strength, combat readiness and combat readiness of the Syrian air defense forces and means grouping, clear information allowing analysis of the Syrian air defense combat operations in the course of repelling air strikes by the enemy.

The expert cites as an example the last of Israel’s attacks on objects in Syria, during which the S-125M, Buk-M2, and Pantsir-S air defense systems were severely damaged or destroyed.

"The total consumption of anti-aircraft guided missiles of subunits and units of anti-aircraft missile forces of Syria amounted to 35 units, which in itself indicates a rather random shooting," the Russian expert notes.

He concludes that the idea of ​​solving security problems in the airspace of the Arab Republic through the supply of anti-aircraft gun systems "Pantsir-S" ("Tor", "Buk-M2E"), anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) S- 300 turned out to be unrealistic.

The account of the destroyed Syrian "Shell" is already in the tens, emphasizes Khodarenok.

The expert noted the fallacy of the idea that a single anti-aircraft missile system (system) would act as a sword-treasure, which would immediately solve all the problems of air defense: even the presence of an outstanding air defense system in terms of its tactical and technical characteristics should be considered as a link in the air defense system.

The next stage in the construction of an air defense system is to create an anti-aircraft missile defense system and the appropriate settings for anti-aircraft missile forces. This creation, Khodarenok believes, requires complex mathematical modeling, providing effective cover for objects with all the massive air strike attacks.

Khodarenok notes the lack of information about the deployment of a fighter aircraft cover system in Syria. He cites the following example: never before in the light of the attacks of the Israeli Air Force have the references to the actions of fighter-interceptors of the Syrian air defense been mentioned.

Khodarenok calls another insoluble aspect - financial.

“Suppose all these weapons are delivered and deployed in Syria. It involuntarily arises - who will pay for all this? Today, Russia does not have the opportunity to supply such a volume of modern weapons for free,” the expert writes.

The geopolitical aspect, according to the expert, should be attributed to the most important.

Khodarenok admits that by launching missile and air strikes at the Iranian targets of the terrorist structure in Syria, Israel "is fighting for its national security."

"Russia is not at war with Israel and is not going to fight with it. Moscow’s position in this regard is, say, somewhat delicate. On the one hand, Russia must support its ally - Syria. On the other hand, Moscow cannot afford to get involved in the armed struggle with Israel. There are no imperative reasons for this, "the article says.

Calling the IDF one of the most combat-ready and high-tech armies in the world, staffed by trained and motivated personnel, the Russian expert admits that if Damascus is equipped with the most modern weapons, the problems with the personnel in the Syrian army will not go away. The expert calls these problems the main trouble of the Syrian army.

At the end of the article, the expert concludes that one should not expect a qualitative change in the capabilities of Assad’s army to withstand Israeli air strikes in the near future.

Russian experts have previously noted the low professional level of the Syrian air defense units: Israel opened the "Shell", as the Arabs forgot the phone in the car.

D.A. Medvedev once let slip that the Chebarkul meteorite was destroyed by the S-500 complex. The tests were successful. Nothing more was said about this, let everyone think that the meteorite itself fell apart ....

a very stupid question, why do not existing ones knock down existing ones in Syria?

Nonexistent already knocks down nonexistent

They did not try to bring them down

Correct your logic!

This is precisely how superiority is achieved over the enemy - the creation of weapons for the future. And Russia succeeds!

To oppose a developed state is not in our interests, with 400 only our contingent is called to defend

In words, everything is fine, but in Syria, Israeli missiles cannot be shot down.