US military evacuated from Iraq air base refused to return

The US military refused to return to Iran’s destroyed airbase.

Due to the fact that the American Patriot air defense systems could not repel a ballistic missile strike at the Balad air base, located near Baghdad, and the air base itself was virtually destroyed, it became known that there are still no American military personnel on the territory of the facility - the last refused to return to the territory, which is not protected from any missile attacks.

Such information was provided by the Iraqi Internet community, and the information itself is indirectly confirmed by the American side, in particular, a day earlier, during a second rocket attack on the Balad air base, in Washington they unexpectedly stated that there were no American troops at this facility.

Earlier, a video appeared on Twitter, on which it was possible to notice that the Balad air base was empty in just a day - planes, helicopters, drones and all personnel were evacuated from it.

There are no official comments on the part of the US Department of Defense regarding the refusal of the US military to return to Iraq, however, one of the NATO troops who photographed a rocket attack on Al-Assad airbase said that the strikes were terrible.

"It was terrible. It is impossible to describe, I would not wish anyone to experience this. We could not do anything, we could only accept the situation. I don’t know how long we waited, about a few hours. ”, - quotes the words of a soldier from Denmark, Rossiyskaya Gazeta.