US shells


Monthly shortage of 155 mm. Ammunition from the United States due to supplies to Ukraine is 180 thousand shells

The United States is experiencing a critical shortage of ammunition for artillery due to the supply of shells to Ukraine.

Even in the conditions that the American military industry is operating at almost full load, with its maximum production rate of up to 15 artillery ammunition per month, this is enough for only 2,5 days of Ukrainian artillery work. The monthly shortage of ammunition is about 180 thousand units.

At the moment, the United States cannot provide not only the supply of 155 mm. ammunition for the needs of Ukraine, but they cannot even ensure the restoration of their own stocks of weapons and ammunition. Even taking into account the fact that part of the ammunition is produced on the territory of other NATO countries, as well as countries that are not members of the North Atlantic Alliance, the total shortage of ammunition is about 20 thousand units per month.

Within the next 4-5 months, the countries that support Ukraine will simply not be able to supply large quantities of ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This can become a very big problem for Kyiv, since in the absence of combat aircraft, this is the only long-range weapon.

At the same time, it is known that ammunition for the needs of Ukraine is supplied by other countries that allegedly have a neutral position in relation to the current conflict. In particular, we are talking about the supply of 152-mm ammunition. Pakistan. However, this only slightly prolongs the stocks of Ukrainian ammunition and the shortage still remains.


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