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F-35 everything ?! The United States abandoned the further purchase of F-35 fighters

The US Air Force decided to put an end to its own fifth generation fighters.

US Air Force Procurement Chief Will Roper announced that the Air Force was forced to abandon the further acquisition of F-35 fighters and their introduction into the country's arsenal in connection with the expected appearance of the Next-Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) fighter. the assigned tasks of acquiring a certain number of fifth generation combat aircraft failed, and given the still high cost of these fighters, this is economically unprofitable.

According to Roper, in the near future, the US Air Force may completely abandon the further use of these combat aircraft due to their extremely high cost - for these purposes even the allocated budget of $ 800 billion is not enough.

“The life cycle cost of the F-35 aircraft is too high, therefore, the US Air Force will not be able to purchase these aircraft in the A version of the design number of 1763 units. If nothing can be improved in the current situation, Lightning II will be replaced by another aircraft - a product of the NGAD program "- said Roper.

Given the statement made, experts believe that in the near future it will be possible to put an end to the existence of fifth-generation American fighters, although Washington is still interested in selling these aircraft to its partners.

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