Israeli Air Force


Fact: Russian EW "Krasuha" frightened Israeli reconnaissance aircraft

Israel was scared to death by the Russian "Ruby".

On the eve of the day the Israeli reconnaissance aircraft Gulfstream G550, having taken off from a military airbase in the south-east of Israel, began the process of monitoring the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic. Nevertheless, the Israeli Air Force refused to even attempt to approach the Syrian western borders because of the Russian system of electronic suppression "Krasukh" operating here, which can be clearly seen on the route of the Israeli reconnaissance aircraft.

As seen in the photograph, the Israeli military aircraft does not even risk approaching the northern part of the Syrian-Lebanese border, fearing to be affected by the most powerful and advanced EW system in the world. The plane has been in the sky for a long time, but it constantly flies along the same route, without risking approaching even the zone of influence of the Russian electronic suppression systems.

“Russia returned its“ Rubies ”to Syria, and made Israel understand that the games were over on this. The enormous power of the ESS “Krasukha” could well deactivate the electronic stuffing of the Israeli military aircraft, and the aircraft’s control systems could well refuse, and therefore, Israel made the wise decision to keep from the Syrian border as far as possible. ”- said a military specialist.

Earlier, a NATO military reconnaissance aircraft “got acquainted” with Russian EW complexes, as a result of which, according to unconfirmed reports, the electronic components were partially damaged, and the American aircraft carrier, unable to withstand the powerful impact of the Russian radio-electronic suppression systems, left the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

"... Explain to me, a stupid woman, if the systems of Radio-ELECTRONIC PRESSURE, then logically they should be referred to as REB, and not REB
... "
- You see, dear - “how to call” is a matter of AGREEMENT. So - want to call it - EW, want - REP.
- No matter how you call it - from this gigawatt in impulse on the transmitting antenna - it WILL NOT CHANGE IN ANY WAY (!). Yili sang in one old movie: "And the pud was like-was-he is - 16 kilogram!" 8-)
- And you can, however terribly it sounds - YOUR IT IS NO - DO NOT CALL.

"... Shit on NATO for the Krasukha, okay? And the power of this installation is not measured in watts ..."
- “power” of any installation “is measured” - exclusively “in watts” - if only it is really power
- learn materiel ... literacy ...
"... In AWACS, the scanning radius is twice as good as the minimum size for Krasukh.
... "
- yes, it is first, but only until such time as the “AWACS” falls within the “scan radius” of the Ruby ...
- and then the input stages of the AWACSA radar receivers from power overload (in watts!) go into the nonlinear mode - and the THIRD harmonic kills EVERYTHING ... even if the AWACS reception band does not coincide with the Radiance emission band ...
- against scrap - no reception ...

"... in the conditions of Syria, the" range "of their own radar is simply negligible and destroy them without great difficulty
... "
- for this purpose there is near the "C-300" - and there are compact and mobile and MOBILE "armors" ... capable of striking up to several low-flying targets at the same time, not only from PLACE - but in MOTION. No other air defense complex in the world is capable of such a "focus" ...
- learn materiel!

"... And then just eat and shit,
... "
- when a person feels his DAMAGE - then he can only swear dirty ...

Radio e wrestling

EW - electronic warfare.

EW systems - electronic security radio systems

EW means - radio electronic warfare.

Svetlana, this means Electronic Radio Control (EW) - suppression is included in the means of struggle.

Means radio email Wrestling

Explain to me, a stupid woman, if the systems of Radio EF Pdavleniya, then logically they should be referred to as REP, and not EW

I do not know where you served, but you misled the country about it. You wrote about Ukraine.

So I cried in a vest papamiha? Well, well, feel better ...

Eugene! And what is it that they began to write pendosy with boiling water and threaten with sanctions after we began to supply ours to other countries with 300, etc.? Didn't you think? Not! But what an eagle! All the proh here ... esosil, they say I'm here, "the king of jazz", and you morons. Stupid you are a boy! And angry! Maybe a loser in life?

Banderlohi and others like them - you would go through the forest while you can walk. The Soviet-Russian EW systems are the most powerful and advanced in the world; this has been proven time and again by the useless pontovatelsya of the USA and other mediocre liberasts. So go ahead - do not go, but your worthless farting does not impress anyone. Just shame more and more. Although where is more then? You already despise the whole world.

It is immediately clear that you are an experienced scribbler, They compared Avaks and Krasuha, only you forgot that Avaks is looking for and directs goals, and Krasuha suppresses them, do you hear the difference? And about the С400 complex, in general, you are silently aware of ours, the range of its radar is 600 km, and the radius of destruction of the target is super heavy 400km missiles, Oops Avenx turned out to be so weak. And the radius of action of the Security is classified. PS Apparently, avaks was developed by the student who, after completing a school course in physics, became a developer, And Krasukha and С400 are people with higher education.))))

You, fuckin 'electronics engineer, before you carry your Pro-Western nonsense here, at least for propriety, you wondered what it is, EW systems like "Krasuha":
"At a distance of 400 km, it," Krasuha-2O ", detects all the targets around it and, if it works under the control of the command post, requests further actions. The radiation power is 1 GW. This is enough to" turn off "the most powerful radar intelligence - AWACS aircraft. "
This is how it is, and you shouldn’t suffer from foolishness, singing the praises of amerskim AWACS.

As a lot of young people who divorced made a cult from the United States, ready to worship them demeaning their homeland.

Well you sing, only the voice breaks down

Eugene, if we do not know how to make cars like the Japanese, then all of us are joints? Donald Cook remind? And it was not "Krasuha." And on-board EW on the plane ... So do not divorce liberation. So what about the US whining about C-300 and 400 if they can't?

And why fly up closer if everything is clear

Oh my God. How much righteous anger and pathos. You are probably the leading expert in the field of EW? Another "couch analyst who thinks he is a professionalist. Kindly, paying attention to your narrative language and" righteous anger "I can say for sure. You yourself don't understand the whole technique. First of all, those who are really experts in this field of armament they will not explain and publish something here. They have their own interests and if these people read these opuses, it is only for laughter. Secondly, in order to rant on the topic of EW, there is little ability to assemble a detector receiver. much deeper than school ones. What kind of education do you have? Only honestly, without brehunism. At best, college, well, according to our technical school, but also with a big stretch. Too much of you are rushing in. And finally, the question is, what kind of security tolerance group? Do you know the technical data from the original source, or “one grandmother said?” Summary: from the above, we can conclude that you don’t know a niche kind and you are trying to hide your foolishness behind phantom and fanatic anger. Behind this all of you, except perhaps good. Learn my dear, and do not talk nonsense with a clever look. It looks very funny.

Fair and to the point. Somehow, the "hats-upers" are fed up. Real affairs do not prove any superiority yet .....

probably all the same rubella scared
viral disease is ....

On the farm "40 years without harvest" on a cow attacked by diarrhea. That's for sure Putin jinxed. As I am tired of such Nikitichi, who only do that they share "their knowledge." Only here is an interesting question Nikikich, where such knowledge of the activities of OPG? Chevoy, then you Nikitich do not inspire confidence, you need to test on the subject "who are you?" I think the interesting details of your biography will be revealed. Or maybe you're just a "bot"?

This is what kind of champions EGE such news calculated? And the plane almost went out of operation, and before that the aircraft carrier was almost sunk by the EW complex on the drying ... There is no limit to stupidity

How old are you granddaughters .. if you are a moron so unceremoniously advise a pensioner to go to work. He has already worked his own, but you still have to work and work .. and some kind of brainless creature at the end of your work way will say ... you are not a piece of shit go work and add you a Penston age for another five years .. I would like to look at your cracked face.

Well, you really mixed all the meatballs with manure and horses. If Putin is so bad, then why does he no longer crush the army?

How already tired of all this rubbish from various "expert bloggers" of the near-labor age and different stupid uncles from vocational schools on topics from which they are far from. Such nonsense are just "huskies" put these lobotryazah. Work go mediocrity! You don't know a damn about C 300, nor about Krasukha, and every nonsense is rushing from you. Shit the NATO for Krasukha, okay? And the power of this installation is measured by no means in watts, and it is far from being "the most powerful and unparalleled." What would you, muddle, it was clearer, compare, for example, how much horsepower in a car engine is removed from one cube. see the Japanese in their Mitsubishi or Yamahah, the Germans in a BMW and how many "horses" are removed from a cubic-centimeter of volume by our magicians in their engines at the VAZ plant. The same with the shark. If we compare the radius of its action with the radius of action of the same AWACS, then Krasuha did not stand there beside: airplanes armed with this system can scan the space for many hundreds of kilometers behind Krasukha without being irradiated by it. In AWACS, the scan radius is twice as good as the minimum size for the Krasukh. The same is true for C 300. All these "Oksperdy" wrinkle the forehead and that something there "predict" without knowing even the TTX and the exact modification СХNUMX. They are completely unaware that the figures in the model are not yet a modification, much less execution. And what does the range of the rocket? In such complexes, the prerogative is not the range of the missile, but the radius of the radar complex, cretins! And he, in turn, depends on a dozen factors: the landscape, terrain features, weather, the presence of vegetation, and so on. interference! And to tell the truth, without targeting from the air with our system similar to AWACS, all these C 300s are essentially blind like kittens: in Syria, the “range” of their own radar stations is simply negligible and will not be difficult to destroy them. Actually, as with 300. Why? Yes, simply because, other things being equal, a radar station that is at a height always covers a larger radius. This is from a school course of physics, muddle! And instead of empty love calling in their shitty blogs, it would be better to learn how to work normally, or to go work, so that they would not look like idiots to their women. And then just eat and shit like animals. And different vomit stupid in the internet building. Generation of morons what it grew ....

And they will. This is the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

I completely agree, But they just got everyone whining and whining Putin is bad for them and everyone around ... and no one wants to work ...

I think it was a flight according to plan.

And where in the photo you can see that the plane was scared and did not want to go deeper?

This is not reported to the enemy but as stupid as you. So that you have something to be proud of. For the truth will rather rastroit

And right away it wasn’t enough to do it ???

Our weapon is good but in vain about it all the time to report it to the hand of the enemy. He does not need to spend a lot of money on exploration, it is enough to read our comments and articles. But thanks to whom did this weapon appear ?? Few people know .. thanks to the moneyless engineers who hid development of the Soviet times in 90 and hid themselves from oligarchic dregs from dregs like Putin (he was in 90 in the organized criminal group in St. Petersburg along with Kumarin and Zolotov (now head of the Rosgvardia ) personal security guard of criminal authority. I don’t mind that the authors of these weapons became oligarchs; they deserved it with their minds, but the fact is that such scum already used above successfully use their fruits of labor, as well as all the thieves' oligarchic shit and weird bureaucracy. they must direct this weapon against the scumbags listed above, otherwise we are not going to hold out on the 20 thous. per month for a long time for the main reason because of theft at the state level ... we need STALIN. We need the death penalty. And in Nevzorov's 600 seconds in St. Petersburg there was a TV report about how the American-Israeli company plundered the best optics in the world at LOMO in St. Petersburg. So this company was organized by PUTIN, being a "specialist" in foreign affairs at Sobchak.

Zemlya, here you have set out qualitatively ... It's nice to read ... If there were more people like that in Russia ... And then the cry was divorced, especially in the Crimea.

rights to 75 percent

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A small clarification, apparently meant the Ukrainian army, straight one to one. Apparently there you served, judging by the description.

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But on all channels, "Russian weapons are the best in the world !!!" ... The crone ridicules the enemy, in particular the Americans, allegedly their army is backward, the soldiers are weak-homosexual, transgender, afraid of their own shadow, mice. The American technique is made of papier-mache, stupefied, broken, weapons clinch, in the mess and ruin in the army ... Ukraine, Britain, other countries with whom it does not manage to make friends are ridiculed too. But our warriors, the bravest, the strong, the equilibrists, the horse will stop at a gallop , landing without a parachute, battlements on the Kremlin wall-their work- Aikvando, they killed the Dead Sea ... Our technique is the best, Ren-tv buzzed all ears, they say, we almost conquered the universe. Our ships are unsinkable, tanks are invulnerable, missiles are capable of knocking down the ships of evil aliens on approach to the solar system! ) ... I know what is really happening in the Russian army! It's been served. The technician is without engines, they are driven out to the parachute in tow, they will tint to the show of cones, the officers are always drunk, the soldiers are dirty, smelly, laundry, in one form they go for years, sap They are worn down to holes, in the winter they are wrapped up in towels so as not to freeze their feet, they feed them in the dining rooms a hundred years ago with a pearl barley with larvae of flies, cabbage, which they wander here and there with boots! They do not know how to prepare a military one, they can not shoot a demobil. They clean the toilet, yes, they are real warriors. Disgrace !!!! False lies! Hypocrisy! Pokazushniki !!! Corruption in the country, trilliards steal, people are sitting on salary 8-9 thousand rubles! But we feed the whole world. Hell burn!



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