Fantastic passage of Mi-25 helicopter at ultra-low altitude caught on video

The Mi-25 helicopter passed at an ultra-low altitude, almost touching the ground with the propeller.

At the disposal of the resource Avia.pro was a video recording of a Mi-25 helicopter of the Syrian Air Force, flying at an ultra-low altitude. The video was made from a rather unusual angle - right from the cockpit of a rotary-wing combat vehicle, which gives it incredible effect - it seems that the attack helicopter literally touches the ground with its propellers.

In the presented video frames, it is fashionable to see how the Mi-25 helicopter, which is an export version of the Mi-24 helicopter belonging to the Syrian Air Force, passes at great speed just a few meters above the ground, almost touching the ground with the propeller. Subsequently, a combat rotorcraft soars into the sky and leaves for another combat mission, apparently tracking the movement of militants in the central part of the Arab Republic.

Not only not every helicopter, but not every pilot can boast of such capabilities, since any mistake during flight at an ultra-low altitude can lead to irreparable consequences, however, obviously, the Syrian pilots have mastered this military technique perfectly and successfully cope with it even in the most difficult conditions.