Fantastic miss American missile defense "Patriot" on the Soviet ballistic missile hit the video

The American "Patriot" fantastically overshot a few kilometers past a Soviet-era ballistic missile.

The Yemeni insurgent attack on Saudi Arabia a few days ago with the use of short-range ballistic missiles was another occasion for ridicule of the American Patriot systems. The reason for this was the absolute futility of American air defense and missile defense systems, the guided missiles launched flew at a distance of almost a kilometer from their target, without even noticing it.

On the presented video frames, you can see how two American missile defense are trying to bring down a certain target in the sky over Saudi Arabia, however, despite approaching the Soviet-era ballistic missile launched from the territory of Yemen in an intersecting course, they continue their flight without even noticing it. The miss, according to experts, was about one kilometer, although the missile itself was not able to hit its target in Saudi Arabia.

“Given the significant distance from the proposed launch pad in Yemen to the Saudi capital, military experts suggest that the attack could involve missiles that are modifications of the famous Soviet 9K72 Elbrus, also known under the NATO designation SS-1C Scud B”- сообщает "Russian newspaper".

Neither the US nor Saudi Arabia commented on the missed Patriot air defense system.

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