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Feiner: US ready to declare war on Yemen's Houthis


Feiner: US ready to declare war on Yemen's Houthis

Bloomberg reported a statement by Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Jonathan Finer, according to which the United States is considering military action against the Houthi rebels in Yemen. This statement emphasizes the seriousness of Washington's position regarding the situation in this region.

Feiner stressed that the United States retains the right to initiate military action and does not exclude this possibility. He indicated that the American side is currently focused on working within the framework of a maritime coalition, the purpose of which is to ensure the safety and reliability of commercial sea routes.

However, according to Feiner, the White House will also consider other options if it decides to increase pressure or attack US forces in the region. Such a statement indicates that Washington maintains an active interest in the situation in Yemen and is ready to consider various scenarios for the development of events, including the use of military force.

This information is important in the context of ongoing tensions in the Middle East.


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