Fin Journal: spy satellite filmed the aftermath of explosions at ammunition depots in Crimea

The explosions at the ammunition depots proved to be extremely devastating.

After a day ago, hundreds of explosions thundered in the ammunition depots in the Crimea and it became known that an organized sabotage was to blame for everyone, a spy satellite filmed the consequences of the detonation of ammunition from space. As it turned out, a huge area was devastated, however, it is noteworthy that the same satellite took pictures of even entire ammunition depots just a few hours before the sabotage, which is published by the Fin Journal.

The satellite images provided show ammunition depots as of August 15 and an image taken on August 16 by the Sentinel spacecraft at 8 a.m. Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (11 a.m. local time - ed. note). In the last satellite image, you can see that the destruction due to the thundering explosions is obvious, while the fact that happened to the personnel of the military facility and its security remains unknown.

How much ammunition was stored in military depots is not specified, however, on video footage taken by local residents, one can see that explosions occur over a huge area, which may indicate that ammunition was stored in all depots.

Two people were injured in the explosions, according to official figures.


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