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Finland does not prohibit Ukraine from attacking Russia with its weapons

The Finnish Ministry of Defense and representatives of the parliamentary defense committee represented by Jukka Kopra expressed their position on Ukraine’s use of provided weapons for attacks on Russian territory, emphasizing the absence of specific restrictions on their use. In an interview with the main national TV channel Yle, the head of the Finnish Ministry of Defense Antti Häkkänen clarified that restrictions on the use of weapons are usually introduced by those countries that provide Ukraine with long-range multiple launch rocket systems. He stressed that Finland is in constant dialogue with its allies on the issue of possible restrictions.

Mikko Savola, deputy head of the defense committee, added that the weapons Finland sent to Ukraine could theoretically be used for attacks inside Russia, but their range was insufficient compared to long-range missiles. The Finnish authorities did not disclose what specific weapons were provided to Ukraine.

The opinion of Andrus Merilo, the newly appointed commander of the Estonian army, was also noted, who on February 23 spoke out against territorial restrictions on the use of weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries, considering such a decision to be erroneous.


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