Finland refused to extradite the detained founder of the DSRG "Rusich" to Ukraine

The Supreme Court of Finland decided on the inadmissibility of the extradition of Russian Vojislav Torden (real name Jan Petrovsky), co-founder of the sabotage and assault reconnaissance group (DSRG) “Rusich”, to Ukraine. This was reported by the Finnish publication Italehti.

The judgment is based on the provisions of the Finnish Constitution prohibiting the deportation or extradition of foreigners if, after transfer to another state, they face the death penalty, torture or other treatment that violates human dignity. The Supreme Court ordered the immediate release of Vojislav Torden if there are no other reasons for his detention.

Torden was detained in Finland on July 20 this year before a planned flight to Nice. On August 15, Ukraine requested Thorden's extradition to face war crimes charges.

After moving to Norway in 2004 with his mother, Thorden was deported from Norway in October 2016. By 2023, his wife received permission to study in Finland, and as a member of the student's family, Thorden also received entry and residence rights in the country.

Following the detention of Vojislav Torden, DSRG “Rusich” appealed to the Russian authorities to ensure his return to the Russian Federation. The group said it was suspending combat missions until his release, although it reportedly continued its activities afterwards.


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