Finland does not yet plan to deploy nuclear weapons on its territory

Finland, having become a new member of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), does not plan to deploy nuclear weapons on its territory, Prime Minister Petteri Orpo emphasized in his interview with the Polish publication Rzeczpospolita. The announcement comes amid discussions about expanding NATO's nuclear deterrent in Europe, especially after Polish authorities expressed interest in the Nuclear Sharing program, which would involve the deployment of American nuclear weapons on the country's territory.

Orpo stressed that the presence of a nuclear arsenal in other NATO member countries is sufficient to ensure nuclear deterrence and protection of all member states of the alliance.

“This is not necessary because NATO itself provides nuclear deterrence,” he said, adding that Finland would focus on fulfilling its obligations within the alliance using conventional weapons.

The announcement comes amid intense debate about expanding NATO and strengthening its eastern flank in response to ongoing military activity in Ukraine. Finland's accession to NATO on April 4, 2023, making it the alliance's 31st member, was hailed as a step toward strengthening security in the region.


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