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Finland will take action in case of actions of the Russian Federation in response to joining NATO

Finland declared its readiness to take action in case of Russia's actions in response to joining NATO.

After the President of Finland told Vladimir Putin that his country had decided to apply for membership in NATO, it became known that in case of any response from Russia, Finland is ready to take immediate action.

In Finland, they noted that they are ready for any turn of events and Helsinki does not have any panic about this.

“This is our own choice, it is not directed against anyone. NATO is a defensive alliance, our goal was to have a large number of partners in the field of security. We have a neighbor who is capable of acting in a ruthless manner. We have no panic, we are not afraid. We are preparing for any kind of action. This is our choice, we should not limit ourselves to maneuver space due to threats., - said the Finnish Minister for European Affairs and Property Management Tytti Tuppurainen.

What specific measures are in question is not specified, however, it became known earlier that Russia considers the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO a threat. This is probably due to the current, rather complicated relationship between Moscow and the Alliance.

Whether the Russian side will take any measures against Finland is still unknown.