Finland pulls tanks and heavy artillery to the Russian border

The movement of Finnish military equipment was noticed near the Russian border.

Against the background of applying for Finland's entry into NATO, it became known that official Helsinki decided to go for a very serious provocation. As it became known, Finland began to pull heavy offensive weapons to the Russian borders.

Over the past weekend, dozens of heavy self-propelled artillery mounts, tanks and light armored vehicles were transported to the Russian border area. Transportation of equipment is carried out by trains, after which the latter is sent on its own to the area of ​​the Russian border. Appropriate photographs have appeared on the Web showing similar actions by Finland.

Apparently, we are talking about the transfer of 155-mm. self-propelled guns K9 Thunder, Leopard tanks, army trucks and tractors. It is also known about the deployment of very significant forces of the Finnish army in this direction.

Such provocative actions on the part of Finland near the Russian border only lead to a significant escalation and, most likely, the Russian side will take appropriate military-technical measures.