Finland has installed double barriers on the border with Russia

Finland has strengthened control measures on its border with Russia, installing double barriers both on the state border and within the country, Yle reports.

This decision was made in connection with the closure of border points operating until December 13, 2023. Jukki Lukkari, deputy commander of the Border Guard Service of South-Eastern Finland, said that if migrants arrive at closed checkpoints, they will be sent to places where entry into Finland is possible legally. Border services will act in accordance with law enforcement rules when detecting migrants at closed checkpoints.

This measure was taken against the background of the uncontrolled arrival of citizens from third countries, such as Syria, India, Morocco and others. Closing the land border with Russia is part of Finland's strategy to manage migration flows and ensure national security. However, there is a possibility that the blockade of the Russian border is deliberate.


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