Finland will decide within a week on opening the border with Russia

The Finnish government has made an important decision, expected no later than Wednesday, December 13, on the issue of opening checkpoints on the Finnish-Russian border. The Prime Minister of Finland, Petteri Orpo, shared Helsinki's plans in this regard, noting that the country is closely monitoring the dynamics of the refugee situation and strives to return to normal life.

Orpo expressed satisfaction with the current state of affairs in Finland, saying that “everything is fine now,” but a final decision will be made in due course. Let us recall that the Finnish authorities temporarily closed the border with Russia, citing the failure of Russian border guards to fulfill their duties to curb the flow of illegal migration. This decision was made in order to provide time to develop solutions to the migration problem and was originally supposed to be until December 14.

The situation affects not only international relations, but also the daily lives of citizens. As Finnish journalist Kosti Heiskanen noted, the closure of the border with Russia had a negative impact on the availability of firewood and fuel in Finland, and also limited travel opportunities for Finns.

In response to Helsinki's actions, a warning was expressed in Moscow that these measures could negatively affect the residents of Finland itself. Thus, the upcoming decision of the Finnish government on the issue of the border with Russia carries significant consequences both for the country’s domestic politics and economy, and for its international relations.


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