The launch BEECH


Finnish Russian military proved the innocence of the crash MH17

Military of Finland were able to prove the innocence of the Russian MH17 disaster.

Information and news agency it became known that the Ministry of Defence of Finland in secrecy made a few test trials of the Russian anti-aircraft missile system "Buk", during which it was found that the probability that the passenger plane was shot down exactly these weapons not more than 10%, that is actually the data dispels the Dutch experts.

Experts believe that the research conducted will be included in the report of international experts, which is expected to formally introduce in the very near future, however, this in turn means that carried out within two years of the investigation was stalled.

It is puzzling why our so-called righteous liberal media type Echo M. bypassed by the fact that the Russian army has no beech with missiles that shot down the Boeing, and fully retell flimsy version.

I'd love to find their luck