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"Flydubai" will pay the relatives of victims of the plane crash on 20 thousand. Dollars

The airline «Flydubai» will pay to the families of the victims in the Rostov airport on 20 thousand dollars.

Information about this is given in the information resource carrier «Flydubai», in this case, it is not excluded that the payments to the families of the victims will be made before the completion of the formal investigation.

It should be clarified that the plane crash involving a passenger airliner Boeing 737-800 belonged «Flydubai» Airline occurred the night before, at the same time, as a result of a tragic combination of circumstances were killed 62 person.

The causes of the crash at the present time remain unknown, the same as the fact that the aircraft was circling over the airport for two hours and was not forwarded to the alternate aerodrome was not officially commented on.


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