Ukrainian Air Force planes


Forbes: The state of the Ukrainian Air Force fleet is deplorable, in fact, it is a useless heap of metal

In the event of an armed conflict, the Ukrainian Air Force will not be able to lift its obsolete aircraft into the sky. American author David Ax writes about this in his article in Forbes magazine.

As the author notes, for 30 years of independence, Kiev has not purchased a single new aircraft, and the fleet of combat aviation itself has been brought to such a deplorable state that it has been turned into a useless heap of metal.

Most of the Ukrainian attack aircraft and fighters in the event of a conflict will not be able to take off. The Ukrainian authorities do not deny that there is a problem, but they are not doing anything to solve it.

Ukraine receives military assistance from the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, but it does not apply to the supply of fighters and other aircraft. Ex noted that the rearmament of the Air Force requires a lot of money, which Kiev simply does not have.

Earlier it became known that Russian specialists are engaged in the development of the Predator attack drone with artificial intelligence, which will become an effective addition to the 5th generation Su-57 fighter. Military attaches agree that the success of Russian engineers will provide Moscow with an ultimatum advantage in the development of unmanned combat vehicles.

Rather, the Turks are in this position in Syria and do not know what to do

These vaunted bayraktars against normal air defense are just flying trash

There is no need to shout like that about the non-combat capability of the Ukrainian army. Until recently, they thought about ours, maybe there is a disguise here too?

Why useless? They will lay out a trident from it

And where does the Russian army and Karabakh, the Russian army and Syria, and, moreover, Donbass have to do with it? Learn materiel.

it is not necessary to spend expensive missiles to destroy airfields ... That's good.

Western propagandists (and their distributors) shyly keep silent about how many of these vaunted Bayraktars were sent to scrap metal :)

In Karabakh, they fell from the skies, so Azerbaijan's ave. Agreed to stop the offensive. And in Syria, it's just a pile of metal, as evidenced by the quasi successes, or rather the failures of Erdogan.

"... the successes of Russian engineers will provide Moscow with an ultimatum advantage in the development of combat unmanned aerial vehicles." ... In the meantime, the Turkish Bayraktars are putting the Russian army in a knee-elbow position in Syria, Karabakh and the Donbass.