Foreign Affairs: US to announce delivery of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine on February 24

The United States will give Ukraine even more long-range missiles for HIMARS systems.

On February 24, on the anniversary of the start of the special military operation in Ukraine, the United States plans to announce the delivery of ATACMS long-range tactical missiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Along with this, it is planned to announce the supply of American fighters and drones, which should be a big "information explosion" and a signal from Washington.

According to Foreign Affairs, the U.S. was initially expected to begin deliveries of a limited number of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine in March, followed by an announcement of deliveries of tactical-grade drones, and in September it was expected to arrange the delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine. Nevertheless, according to former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, the US should announce the delivery of all these weapons on the anniversary of the start of the NWO.

“Instead of providing [missiles] to ATACMS in March, [drones] Reapers in June and jets in September, NATO should go for a big bang. Delivery plans for all of these systems are to be announced on February 24, 2023."McFaul said in an interview foreign affairs.

For obvious reasons, the supply of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine is of greatest concern, since the latter are much more dangerous than GLSDB ammunition and much more dangerous than M30 and M31 missiles. However, the supply of fighter jets to Ukraine is no less a threat, since, given the number of combat aircraft in US service, deliveries can be carried out for many years even in the event of losses.


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