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Foreign Policy: Harpoon cruise missiles have been used in the Black Sea repeatedly

The Pentagon announced the repeated use of Harpoon cruise missiles in the Black Sea.

Despite the fact that no official statements were made by Ukraine and Russia about the use of Harpoon cruise anti-ship missiles in the Black Sea, according to Foreign Policy, during a closed briefing by the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon announced that this weapon was used in the Black Sea more than once.

According to a journalist from the Foreign Policy publication, the Harpoon cruise anti-ship missile systems put into service with Ukraine (the journalist does not specify whether we are talking about systems originally delivered from Denmark, or about systems subsequently transferred to the United States - ed.) were used in the Black Sea repeatedly. Officially, these cruise missiles were used only to destroy the Chernomorneftegaz towers located northeast of Zmeiny Island, however, no other cases of the use of these weapons were reported.

How many Harpoon anti-ship missile systems are currently in service with Ukraine is unknown, however, taking into account the planned deliveries, we are talking, in all likelihood, about at least 4 launchers with missiles capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 280 kilometers .