Foreign Policy: Netanyahu is deliberately prolonging the war in the Gaza Strip to cling to power

The American magazine Foreign Policy analyzes the current political situation in Israel, focusing on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It is noted that Netanyahu is on the verge of ending his political career, while his legacy is assessed as the “worst security failure” in the country’s history.

The authors of the article recall Netanyahu’s leadership of the war in Gaza, the goals of which are assessed as unrealistic and uncompromising. In addition, there are three separate corruption court cases involving the Prime Minister.

Netanyahu's post-war political strategy has been described as three-pronged: shifting the blame to the security forces, preserving the ruling coalition at all costs and buying time until tangible results are achieved. Political commentator Aviv Bushinsky, a former adviser to Netanyahu, expresses the opinion that Netanyahu is counting on the success of the military operation and time as a means to improve the country.

Despite Israeli officials acknowledging security weaknesses, Netanyahu has resisted this, ignoring growing public anger. His concern is also noted about the possibility of a coup d'etat in the Likud party, of which he is chairman. The Israeli publication Ynet reports on Netanyahu's meetings with party members aimed at securing their support.

A Likud party spokesman points to internal party discussions about future steps after Netanyahu's possible resignation. The possibility of withdrawing the vote of confidence in the government and nominating another candidate to replace Netanyahu is also being discussed in the party.

Analysts say Netanyahu's long-term political prospects and legacy will depend on his actions in the coming days. Bushinsky notes that Netanyahu’s position within Likud is still strong, emphasizing that it is customary in the party to punish the leader for his opposition, but very serious discontent is brewing in society, especially against the backdrop of the failed IDF operation, which has been going on for two months without any results, but with serious losses.


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