Photo fact: Belarus equipped Syrian MiG-29 with powerful electronic warfare systems

Syrian MiG-29 equipped with Belarusian electronic warfare equipment.

Analyzing the latest data on the use of MiG-29 fighters by the Syrian Air Force, experts were able to establish that the Belarusian Talisman airborne defense systems were installed on these aircraft, which, in fact, are powerful electronic warfare systems. BKO "Talisman" were spotted on several Syrian MiG-29 fighters at once, which indicates the fact that Belarus is actively helping the Syrian military to improve its military equipment.

Previously, information about the presence in the arsenal of the Syrian Air Force BKO "Talisman" did not officially appear anywhere, however, obviously, after most of Syria was freed from terrorists, the Arab Republic Air Force began to rebuild and modernize its equipment.

At its core, the Talisman BCO is a means of electronic warfare and is intended to protect combat aircraft from air-to-air and ground-to-air missiles, which is especially important since, according to unconfirmed reports, the systems transmitted by Turkey may be armed air defense, and the Turkish Air Force itself has already tried to attack the Syrian aircraft 19 August.

Analysts do not exclude that initially the Talisman BKO could be delivered from Belarus to Russia, after which these systems were already installed on Syrian fighters.