The speed of the aircraft


Photo fact: MiG-29 fighter "fined" for speeding - 678 km / h

The camera trap “fined” MiG-29 pilots for speeding.

A photo appeared on the web, which captures the moment of fixation by a road camcorder that controls speed, the MiG-29 fighter exceeds the maximum speed. As it turned out, a combat aircraft, flying over a busy highway, “exceeded” the permissible speed, accelerating to 678 km \ h.

According to sources, the incident occurred on the territory of Poland, and judging by the date of the road camera indicated in the photograph, it happened back in 2013, although journalists had not previously reported anything like that.

It was not possible to get any comments on the resource, while a number of experts doubted that the photo was original.

“Let's say the camera really recorded a speeding, however, the enlarged fragment with the pilot’s face causes a lot of doubts about the authenticity of this image”- said analyst

On the other hand, this is by no means the first time that road cameras manage to record the high-speed flight of combat aircraft along busy roads and highways.

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