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Photo fact: F-22 fighters shot down a passenger airliner

F-22 fighters shot down a United Airlines aircraft.

Anadolu News Agency published an image according to which two F-22 fighters shot down a passenger airliner of the American company United Airlines.

The publication of the image was dedicated to the next anniversary of the tragedy in the United States, when terrorists attacked skyscrapers in New York and a number of other objects in the United States.

However, the Telegram community of Military Observer drew attention to the fact that the image shows F-22 fighters, although previously it was reported that the passenger liners were not shot down.

“Our reader drew attention to an interesting feature of the infographic from the Turkish news agency Anadolu ... It contains information about the destruction on September 11 of the fourth aircraft captured by terrorists over Pennsylvania, US Air Force F-16 fighters (F-22 are depicted). An indirect confirmation of this version back in 2004 was the words of the then head of the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld, who, speaking to the US military in Iraq on Christmas, mentioned the use of fighters. The Pentagon has denied Rumsfeld’s words, because the official version speaks of the heroic actions of the crew and passengers in the confrontation with terrorists on board ", the community said.

How objective the Anadolu information is is still unknown.


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