Photo fact: Israeli fighters flew over Damascus unnoticed by C-300 and C-400

Israeli warplanes were not seen by the most advanced air defense systems in the world.

Israeli information resource "NZIV", citing a number of military sources, published the flight route of Israeli military aircraft, which struck today in the eastern part of Syria. As it turned out, the Israeli Air Force planes, and according to some sources, it is possible to talk about the F-35, not only entered Syrian airspace, but also flew several hundred kilometers, being in the zone of detection and destruction of the Russian C-400 and Syrian C systems -300.

The next attack by the Israeli Air Force again cast doubt on the effectiveness of the Russian air defense and missile defense systems after two Israeli combat aircraft were able to cross Syrian airspace completely unhindered the day before. Given the fact that Russia had previously warned Netanyahu of its readiness to respond appropriately, Israeli military aircraft simply did not notice the air defense systems.

It should be clarified that Russian combat aircraft also did not rise to intercept Israeli F-35, which may indicate the futility of using stealth target detection and destruction systems that are in service with Russia.

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