Complex DF-41


Photofact: Chinese armed forces noticed hypersonic missile systems similar to the Russian “Vanguards” and “Sarmatians”

China was able to get around Russia in developing medium-range hypersonic weapons.

Despite the fact that the Russian Avangard hypersonic missile system and the heavy Sarmat ICBMs are considered military developments that have no analogues in the world, which are only being adopted for service, DF-41 missile systems were spotted on one of China's highways. which are direct analogues of Russian missiles.

In the photographs presented, you can see how the missile systems are completely unhindered transported along one of the highways in China. We are talking about dozens of missiles that are capable of delivering each of the 10 warheads to targets, the latter being able to develop hypersonic speeds up to 25 MAX, which is comparable to the Russian Avangard missile system, whose warheads, in the framework of the tests, were accelerated to speed in 27 MAX.

Experts, in turn, note that in a sense, China managed to bypass Russia in terms of hypersonic weapons, since the same DF-41 missile system is ground, unlike the Russian Avangard and Sarmata, which require a mine to start up.

Previous satellite images showed that China has at least 40 hypersonic missile systems, the most powerful of which is the DF-41.

Internal enemies are much worse than external enemies. In China there are no internal enemies, therefore it is advancing. Well, Russia is living out its own life. Soon there will be only the territory where Russians once lived, and natural resources will be pumped out by newcomers with the participation of guest workers. All the same, smart people they sit in the leadership of Western partners and Asian countries. I don’t want to talk about the Russian leadership, so everything is clear.

Well done Chinese, I envy them.

How can I write “Vanguards and Sarmatians” and confuse defenseless readers? Vanguard is a war block, and Sarmat is its possible carrier, in fact - a copy of the Voivode. Now the Vanguards urgently put in Yasnoye on the old UR100N-UTTX, taken out of the arsenals. Sarmat’s flight tests are not yet visible. And the Governors (still our main strength) on duty have already exceeded all terms ...