RLS Container


Photo fact: the radio emission of the newest Russian radar “Container” is visible even from space

Radiation from the Russian Container radar was noticed even from space.

The unique Russian over-the-horizon Container radar, which was capable of detecting aerodynamic and ballistic targets at a distance of up to 3000 kilometers, adopted on alert, was even visible from space. We are talking about the radiation of the Russian radar, which was able to fix the commercial spacecraft "Sentinel 1".

In the presented satellite image (the image was taken in the range of radio waves - approx.), Experts pay attention to the fact that at a distance of almost 20 kilometers you can notice a trace of radio emission from a huge radar, moreover, the track is parallel to the position of the radar. Most likely, this is a certain type of wave, since the functionality of the “Container” is 150 times larger.

“The fact that the satellites recorded radio emission from the Russian radar indicates that the“ Container ”is not an invention at all, but a really functioning radar that makes any plans of NATO and other opponents to attack Russia completely useless”, - the expert notes.

It should be clarified that the Container radar can simultaneously track up to 5000 targets, which puts an end to any even massive missile strike on the territory of Russia, and taking into account the integration of the Container with modern air defense / missile defense systems, including S-500 air defense systems, Russia actually deployed a "nuclear umbrella" over its territory.

Kovylkino has an antenna receiving complex and it can’t radiate anything, but the transmitter is in a completely different place. This photo is complete bullshit.

Secondary radiation

Cho ?! To see radio waves, and even being not in the direction of radiation? The author of the car does not understand what an electromagnetic wave is ...

The container is very good. But! There is a super breakthrough technology: patent No. 149598 "Device for controlling the flow around an aircraft." Aerodynamic drag reduces to zero. Reach 10 km per second. in the atmosphere at an altitude of 1 km is real. Increases the lifting force of the wing, propeller by two to three times. And most importantly, ensures the invisibility of the aircraft for all radars. And the funny thing is, in Russia nobody needs it!

What the hell cross-own information about the attack and the situation in the area of ​​responsibility is yes - and the anti-aircraft missile forces and IA put a cross

and sane users comments your resource prints? Or just idiots?

I don’t understand, can anyone really doubt the power of VV. In our country, these containers are on each corner, in the Chinese market, with the Chinese on top of each other, to say nothing, not far as yesterday, near the work, the container with the garbage was stolen. And with VV, an agreement was concluded with God that 5000 nuclear missiles, God and a million, will not allow us to enter Russian land. And then Paradise on earth will arrange.