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Photo fact: Russia warned everyone about the activation of C-400 in Syria

Russia warned everyone about the activation of C-400 in Syria.

The Israeli unmanned aerial vehicle, which has not yet been installed yet, was destroyed on the day before after Russia officially announced the activation of the S-400 air defense systems and the flights of military aircraft on the border with Syria. Relevant information appeared back on 4 of September, and, most likely, it indicates the fact that the Israeli drone was destroyed precisely by the Russian side.

A warning about the closure of part of the airspace on the border with Syria, Lebanon and Israel was presented as early as September 4, however, despite this fact, Tel Aviv still decided to attack the suburbs of the Syrian capital. It is noteworthy that missile launch warnings were announced for only three days - from 18 to 20 on September, however, for unknown reasons, Israel still decided to attack Syria.

It is noteworthy that there are suggestions that the Israeli drone was destroyed by a Russian airborne fighter, because a few minutes before the information about a downed drone appeared, an unknown Russian airborne combat aircraft actually took off from the Khmeimim air base.

Interestingly, in Moscow, Putin kisses Israel and is fighting in Syria ?!



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