Interception of Tu-160


Photo fact: Russian Tu-160 bombers flew over Europe and paid

NATO fighters intercepted the Russian Tu-160 flying over Europe.

According to Russian media, the day before, Russian Tu-160 strategic missile bombers flew over Europe, while, according to Western media, Russian aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons on board were intercepted by European fighters.

According to a source in the defense department, in some areas, Russian strategic bombers were accompanied by fighters from at least 5 European countries and NATO member countries, however, according to Western media, in some areas, attempts were made to intercept Russian aircraft, which, incidentally, confirm taken photographs where you can see that the European fighters were able to get closer to the Russian Tu-160, despite the escort from Russian fighters Su-27.

“Today, two F-16 Belgian Air Force fighters intercepted two Russian Tu-160 and two Russian Su-27 fighters over the Baltic Sea. This was the first battle of the Belgian team, which has been protecting the airspace of the Baltic since September 3. ”- said in the message.

How exactly did foreign combat aircraft break through the defense of the Russian Su-27 is not known.

occupied a tactical position for the use of weapons

"intercepted" is when they forced to change course, forced to land or shot down ... but they escorted us and went to their base! It seems that the author does not speak aviation terminology! ...

And what does "paid" mean? Well, flew up, photographed a NATO fighter - then what? "Intercepted" ... And?

How joyfully he writes! That they intercepted NATO ... they are full of pants! They want to drown Russia ...

Why is NATO located in the Russian Baltic? The Eastern Baltic states have been Russia since the time of Peter I. And even earlier. NATO aggression to the East. Is, for example, numerous islands in the oceans freed from European occupation?

Dryers hike hung on the tail, and the pilots of the dryers kept their fingers above the rocket release buttons))

And in what "paid"? : D Well, they were escorted to them in the international zone (what is boldly called "interception"), so what?