Fox News: Iran gave the US military 24 hours to evacuate before striking a US base in Syria.

200 US troops were evacuated from a base in Syria hours before the strikes.

The Iranian side sent an unofficial warning to the United States about its intention to strike at the military base in Al-Tanf, giving the American military the right to evacuate its personnel within 24 hours. In total, about 200 American servicemen were evacuated from the American military base and it was for this reason that large losses were avoided.

According to Fox News, Iran did not hide from the United States its readiness to strike, as evidenced by the flights of American military reconnaissance aircraft in the missile and drone launch zone. At the same time, the United States admits that the Pentagon possessed such information, although no details are given on this score.

"The Iranian strike became a demonstration, because it would take several minutes to prepare such a strike, and if there was such a desire, Tehran could easily destroy several hundred American troops.", - the expert marks.

According to Fox News, there were about 20 US troops at the base during the strike, who were probably waiting out the attack in special reinforced concrete shelters.