PMC Wagner


France, Germany and Estonia announced the withdrawal of their forces from Mali due to the appearance of Russian PMCs

Russian PMCs forced the French, German and Estonian military to retreat to Mali.

Estonia, Germany and France announced that they would completely withdraw their military contingent from Mali due to the existing risks of the appearance of Russian mercenaries in this country. As follows from the statement made, the defense departments of these countries intend to abandon the further implementation of missions in Mali amid the emergence of some information that Russian PMCs may be sent to the region, which could lead to very serious clashes with the forces of NATO countries.

At the moment, the situation in Mali remains very difficult, and therefore there is evidence that Russian mercenaries may be sent to this country by the end of this year. This, apparently, caused panic among the countries that are taking part in a military mission on the territory of this African state.

The Russian side, in turn, has not yet commented on the information that has appeared on this matter. Panic in NATO is obviously caused by the fact that with the appearance of the same Russian PMCs in Syria and Libya (according to Bloomberg - editor's note), this radically changed the situation in these regions.

According to the publication "Time Turk", today we are talking about a thousand Russian mercenaries from among the PMC "Wagner".

“Estonia warned on Wednesday that it would withdraw its troops serving in Mali if the West African country entered into a hiring deal with the Russian private security firm Wagner, protesting against a deal with Russian mercenaries. French Defense Minister Florence Parley held talks on Monday with her Malian counterpart Sadio Camara after reports that the country's military government is close to closing a deal to hire 1000 mercenaries., - said in the published material.

At the moment, there are no details of the likely transfer of Russian PMCs to Mali.