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France intends to provide assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the event of an offensive in Donbass

French fighters ready to attack Donbass - Zelensky went to discuss French aid.

Despite the fact that France is actively in favor of stabilizing the situation in Donbass, it became known about the intentions of the French military to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with assistance in the event of an offensive against the self-proclaimed people's republics.

At the moment, there is information that France is ready to provide the Ukrainian military with assistance as means of combat aviation, but there is no official confirmation of this information yet.

Nevertheless, the publication learned that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy unexpectedly went on a visit to France just to discuss this issue with the leader of this country Emmanuel Macron.

At the moment, the situation in Donbass is very tense, especially since the largest forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are located here, and additional weapons, which indicates that Kiev is planning to launch an offensive - according to the data available to the information portal Avia, the offensive of the Ukrainian army is planned for the second half April.

Experts draw attention to the fact that if France wants to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia will definitely take measures to protect the region.

You see "Slava" not everything is measured in dollars, although some are ready for anything for hryvnia ..))
The dollar is now in the national reserve of Russia - 35% of other currencies. It will soon be 12% ....
The main thing is national priorities! (By the way, the USA ALWAYS HAS THE SAME POLICY)

after the first shot in Donbas 1 $ - 1000 rubles)))

Yeah, looks like Mr. President forgot his Russian boot in Paris? Glory to Suvorov !!! Probably forgot about Napoleon too?

Here's what I can say about the author, the sofa expert, and in general, does not understand anything in these matters! After a strike on Donbas, the French will automatically turn into an aggressor, as they fire at civilians in Donbas, which means countries that support Donbas will hit these fighters and believe me, no one will have time to fly away! Well, and the French do not do this when the author is just talking nonsense !!!!

Guest, NATO will never be ready for war, and especially not for its own interests.
The very structure of recruitment in the Armed Forces and rear services management does not technically correspond to the level of confrontation with someone stronger than Egypt.
But the key here is alien goals in the war and the prospect of high costs.

In addition to sympathy and useless advice, NATO is not ready to openly meddle in a war.

This is hereditary ...

your graves also abound, all over the world.

"According to the data available to the information portal Avia, the offensive of the Ukrainian army is scheduled for the second half of April."
Do you have a Cossack sent to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine?
Or Klimov opened this news to you in the pub?

Yeah, Ukraine, like Armenia, will look to the sky for a long time and wait for the promised help from France, although no one has promised anything to Ukraine yet, but France officially promised Armenia and it did not wait.

In pursuit of "... there were 23 French citizens in Soviet captivity ..."

there is a French cemetery near Sevastopol, and there are quite a few of them in Mother Russia to Moscow. It will also appear in Donbass.

nonsense however! what they write is ALWAYS MUDDY!

I'll just say it! HA! HA! HA!

The realities are Monsieur Emanuel Macron, being in the office of the President of France, very much wants to be a prominent and even LEADING politician, if not of the World, then of Europe, unambiguously, and his attempts to get into everywhere are not surprising, as well as the inconsistency of the initial plans, such as the Guarantor of the "Minsk Agreements" - "0" reactions to the introduction of heavy equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and shelling. Well, okay - "Minsk" and so understandably did not guarantee anything, but if "concern" about the actions in Donbass translates into actions, then the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will legally accept this as the Aggression of France, with all the "greetings" for their pilots, that it will be to our regret - we remember the "Normandie Niemen" and did not consider France to be hostile.