France sent its warship to Russian borders "to support Ukraine"

A French warship is sent to the Russian borders in the Black Sea.

After two very serious provocations organized by the French military near the Russian borders, Avia.pro obtained information that France had sent its warship to the Russian borders - the latter had already entered the waters of the Black Sea and headed north, presumably heading for the coast of Ukraine or to the Crimea.

It is known that we are talking about the corvette Commandant Biro, and although this military vessel does not pose a real threat, experts will not rule out possible provocations near the Russian borders, as was already observed yesterday and the day before yesterday, when French fighters tried to violate the borders of the airspace Russia.

According to a number of assumptions, the key reason for sending the French corvette into the waters of the Black Sea is to provide support to the Ukrainian military.

“Today the French corvette (advice note) F796 Commandant Biro entered the Black Sea today. This is the ship's second visit to the region. It is reported that the purpose of the call is unknown: it is probably connected with the escalation of tension in the region and some promises made by President Emmanuel Macron to Vladimir Zelensky. ", - informs "Telegram" - community "Militarist".

According to some reports, the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy have already gone to escort the French vessel.