Air Force of France


France announced new airstrikes on Syria

The President of France announced air strikes in Syria.

The Arab news publication WaseelaTV, citing data from a French source, reports that French President Emmanuel Macron completely rejected the restoration of relations with Syria, promising to launch new attacks on Assad’s troops.

“France, after the coalition’s strikes against Syria, decided that it would not individually strike at the Arab Republic. However, if such a need arises, Paris will intervene, and will strike even alone. ”, - the newspaper reports.

Given the emergence of such information, experts believe that France is already working out plans to launch new attacks on Syrian territory, but, obviously, the situation is seriously worsened by the appearance on the arsenal of Syrian military air defense systems C-300, which the French fighters can reach before the latter can strike .

“During the coalition attacks in 2018, Syria carried out exclusively defense. Nevertheless, this time the Syrian military will be able to work ahead of the schedule, especially since the more productive C-300 allow this ”, - the expert marks.

The reasons why France intends to strike at the territory of the SAR are still unknown.

Do you always get into any fight? To give or sell weapons to someone and fight on their own are two different things.

Or maybe you need to remember one small story about how the Israeli Air Force launched rocket attacks from its territory, hiding in civilian planes, and did not enter the airspace of the ATS ??????

Do you think intercontinental air defense missiles, Vanek? Do not be dumb!

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It’s ridiculous. How much is written about the effectiveness of C-300,400, and Israel, today and Saudi Arabia, calmly bomb poor Syria under the noses of the vaunted air defense, which they don’t even see, otherwise why are they silent after all the threats towards Israel to respond to aggression. Or can we just talk ???