France transferred four military boats to Ukraine

The French cargo ship UHL Fusion delivered four patrol boats for the Coast Guard of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service to the Romanian port of Constanta. According to monitoring resources that track the movement of ships, UHL Fusion left the port of Saint-Nazaire on November 24 and successfully completed its route, delivering military boats.

In Constanta, the ship was unloaded, after which the boats were sent to the Ukrainian city of Izmail. There are already four similar boats there, previously also delivered through Romania.

Thus, Ukraine received eight of the twenty boats that France pledged to build under the 2019 contract. Previously, in Kyiv they planned to place some of the boats on the Dnieper River, but at the moment there is no such possibility. Subsequently, it is assumed that some of the boats can be transported by land closer to Kyiv for inclusion in the river flotilla of the Ukrainian Navy. These boats are planned to be used to guard the state border.

The FPB 98 MKI is a 32 meter long light aluminum patrol boat capable of speeds of up to 30 knots and a cruising range of 1200 nautical miles. They are armed with a 30-mm DS30B artillery mount and are designed for a crew of 14 people. A feature of these boats is their shallow draft, which allows them to sail in shallow water.

It is noteworthy that Turkey did not interfere with the transportation of these military boats, despite the restrictions imposed.


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