France handed over to Ukraine two LRU launchers similar to HIMARS

France armed Ukraine with MLRS LRU, similar to HIMARS.

At the moment, it is known that France has transferred to Ukraine two LRU launchers, which are capable of simultaneously striking 12 guided missiles each, by analogy with the HIMARS and MLRS systems. Despite the relatively small number of launchers, these systems will pose a very serious threat, since they will almost certainly be used to ensure the offensive of the Ukrainian army in one of the directions.

The transfer of LRU MLRS launchers took place a few days ago, simultaneously with the transfer of Crotale anti-aircraft missile systems to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which journalists have already reported about earlier. Several hundred missiles were also transferred to the installations, however, France is experiencing a shortage of the latter. In this regard, Kyiv will clearly experience a serious shortage of ammunition, since the United States cannot provide all of Ukraine's launchers of this type with its supplies.

The transfer of high-precision weapons to Ukraine will obviously seriously worsen relations between Moscow and Paris.


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