France provided Ukraine with 50 types of weapons and military equipment

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, France has made significant supplies of military equipment to Kyiv, according to the official list published on the website of the French Ministry of Defense. The fifty-clause document lists various types of weapons and military equipment, including protective equipment, communications equipment, long-range missiles and air defense (air defense) systems.

Among the key areas of military support for Ukraine, Paris highlights the supply of air defense systems, confirming the dispatch to Ukraine of two Crotale NG systems, six Mistral MANPADS and one joint French-Italian air defense system SAMP/T, as well as a CM200 air defense radar. Please note that the list does not contain information about ammunition for these systems.

In the field of artillery, Kyiv received 30 Caesar self-propelled artillery units, six TRF1 howitzers, four multiple launch rocket systems and ten 120 mm mortars, accompanied by 30 thousand artillery shells. More than a thousand AT4 grenade launchers were also delivered.

France sent about 40 AMX10 RC light wheeled tanks to Ukraine along with nine thousand ammunition. The document also mentions other weapons provided to Ukraine during the conflict.


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