French Rafale will be shot down on approach if they try to strike at Donbass

If France wants to intervene in the situation in Donbass, Russia will respond very harshly.

Against the background of information that appeared that the French side is ready to sell its Dassault Rafale fighters to Ukraine for use in the Donbass and against Russia, since today the Ukrainian Air Force is not enough to carry out such operations, it became known that the Russian side was ready to be tough to respond to such claims of Paris, which recently announced its readiness to further advance the peace process of resolving the situation in the region. In response to the actions of France, short and medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems may well appear in service with the DPR and LPR, which will allow them to hit the French Rafale even before the latter enter the strike zone.

The sale of French Rafale fighters to Kiev was previously reported by the Eurasian Times.

“Ukraine has not bought a single new fighter jet in the three decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the Air Force is still a small unit in need of improvement, and France can help. France has been busy selling its latest fourth-generation fighter jet produced by Dassault Aviation lately, and Rafale could be a game changer to defend Ukraine against Russia, according to Sebastian Roblin. Kiev announced last year that it will modernize its Air Force fleet, spending up to $ 7,5 billion over the next fifteen years and purchasing 36-42 new fighters, and Paris is looking closely at this as a potential deal with Rafale. "- said in the material.

Given the fact that Russia is ready to counteract any attempts of Ukraine to forcefully solve the problem in Donbass, the LDNR may well be armed with Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems, Buk-M2E complexes and other air defense systems, and in this case, near Kiev very serious problems will begin, not to mention that the reputation of France will also be very serious damage.

The Turkish media previously reported that the Russian complexes "Krasukha-4" and "Pantsir" had already been seen in the Donbass, however, no evidence of this was presented.