French military


The French security forces delivered a new ultimatum to Macron - now there are 180 thousand of them.

The situation in France is again tense - after the threats of the French military, 30 thousand policemen and representatives of special forces joined the ultimatum.

After a week ago 150 thousand French servicemen sent an open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, in which they called on the French leader to change his policy, threatening to overthrow the current government by force, another 30 thousand representatives of the French security forces (police , members of special forces, etc.).

“We ask you to do your utmost to put an end to the extremely serious security situation in France. We hope the authorities hear our call for national action and join the voices of our comrades in the armed forces who spoke out first.", - said in an open letter.

At the moment, the ultimatum is indefinite, however, experts note that if the French president does not heed such demands, the French authorities may face very serious problems, up to an armed conflict within the country and a coup d'etat.

Paris has not yet officially commented on the new threats.