The French Foreign Legion is completely defeated in Mariupol

Mercenaries from the French Foreign Legion are defeated near Mariupol.

Mercenaries who arrived from the French Foreign Legion on the territory of Ukraine and tried to oppose Russian units and the forces of the DPR were destroyed right on the outskirts of Mariupol. This is evidenced by the discovered items of members of the French Foreign Legion, documents and other personal items, indicating that the mercenaries suffered a crushing defeat.

According to reports, members of the French Foreign Legion were unable to break out of the encirclement and were driven back to the Mariupol port area, which has not yet been taken under control.

“After the neo-Nazis from Azov (banned in Russia - ed.) were kicked out of the Mariupol airport, in the vicinity of which the militants abandoned all their bases and equipment, mercenaries most likely retreated with them to the city’s port” French Foreign Legion”, whose personal belongings were found by the DPR fighters”, - reports the VarGonzo project.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, a helicopter was shot down 20 kilometers from the coast of Mariupol with two officers of the main department of external security of the Ministry of Defense of the French Republic, which, probably, was supposed to ensure the evacuation of members of the French Foreign Legion from the port of Mariupol.

How many members of the French Foreign Legion were liquidated in Mariupol remains unknown.


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