Greek Navy frigate rammed Turkish warship at full speed

The Greek military rammed a Turkish warship.

A Greek military frigate, during the provocation of the Turkish military, rammed a Turkish warship at full speed, which appeared near the territorial waters of Greece and tried to violate the Greek border. It is known that at least two Turkish sailors who were on the deck at that moment were injured, however, nothing threatens their lives and health.

According to the data at the disposal of, the Greek military tried to prevent a Turkish warship from breaking into the country's territorial waters, and made a maneuver at full speed, as a result of which a Turkish military frigate was rammed. The Turkish naval vessel was not seriously damaged, however, during the impact, the Turkish ship tilted dangerously, as a result of which the sailors on the deck were knocked down and received bruises and minor injuries. Aggravation of the situation was avoided, however, Greece declared its readiness to take more serious steps if Ankara decides to continue the escalation of the situation in the region.

Earlier it became known that Greece for the first time used the S-300 complexes acquired earlier from Russia against the Turkish F-16s, which twice violated the country's air borders - the fire was not opened, however, the complexes were on full alert.

Earlier it became known that most of the EU countries and NATO members supported Greece, accusing Turkey of escalating the situation.