Su-24 front-line bomber spotted near Lisichansk at low altitude

The Su-24 bomber struck in the area of ​​Lisichansk - its ownership has not yet been established.

A few hours ago, a Su-24 front-line supersonic bomber was spotted in the north-west of the Lugansk region, carrying out strikes in the Lisichansk region. The bomber was able to avoid detection by air defense, being at an extremely low altitude, however, what is noteworthy is that the ownership of this combat aircraft is still unknown.

On the presented video footage, taken from a car, you can see the passage of a supersonic Su-24 front-line bomber. The combat aircraft was only a few hundred meters above the ground.

Some time later, it became known that the bomber launched a series of strikes and moved in the opposite direction, however, it has not yet been possible to establish the ownership of the combat aircraft, since due to the sufficiently large distance to the aircraft, it does not appear to recognize any identification marks possible. At the same time, the target on which the bomber worked out the strikes remains unknown.

To date, Ukrainian troops still remain on the territory of the almost completely surrounded Lysichansk, however, they quickly lose control over the city.