Footballers "Amkar" almost died in a plane crash.


Footballers "Amkar" almost died in a plane crash.

December 9 2013. The aircraft, which was on the football team "Amkar" and coaches and nearly wrecked in the Moscow airport - Sheremetyevo. The plane with the representatives of the football club was in the air for over an hour, waiting for the runway to clear at Sheremetyevo Airport.

Immediately after touching the ground, the ship flew abruptly up, the pilots in the last minutes saw that the runway was already occupied by another plane.

For the majority of passengers on board, such a case was a shock, since they never got into such situations. Due to the skill of the pilots, the vessel landed successfully, none of the passengers was injured.

I really want to ask: "And the dispatcher, what, to smoke went out?" Or are they sleeping there near their monitors, or not in an adequate way? Again, the Human Factor or ... as always. no one for anything does not answer? A little team was not ruined .... E..K..L .. M .. N ...