Stockholm Airport


Futuristic airport may appear in Stockholm

In Stockholm, you can build an unusual airport.

A futuristic and seemingly impossible project is planned to be implemented by Swedish engineers who, according to the presented concept, will be located on the territory of the city, and the airport building itself will be on the ground, and the takeoff and sedimentary strips, taxiways and aerodrome elements will be located in the air.

At the moment, the future project only passes the testing phase, but the authorities do not rule out that the new air harbor may appear on the territory of Stockholm already by 2030.

The main reason why such an unusual design of the future airport was developed is the sharp increase in passenger turnover between the capital of Sweden and other cities of the planet, while experts say that at the moment Arlanda Airport loaded on 85%, while its extension is not possible.

Nevertheless, the location of the runways above the ground level caused skeptics a number of fears, since in the event of an unforeseen situation, the aircraft can literally demolish several urban buildings, which is not safe.