Retired US Lieutenant General Hodges threatened Russia with a strike on bases in the Crimea and the Black Sea Fleet

A retired US general has threatened to destroy Russian military bases in Crimea.

Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges threatened Russia with the destruction of military bases in Crimea if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine as part of the NMD. According to a retired American general, in the event of the use of nuclear weapons, Russia's military bases in Crimea will be liquidated, assuming that the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy will also come under attack.

According to American General Ben Hodges, the likelihood that Russia will use nuclear weapons is extremely small, but the United States of America is ready for such actions.

“He [Putin] knows that the US will have to respond if Russia uses nuclear weapons. The US response may not be nuclear... but it could very well be a devastating strike that could, for example, destroy the Black Sea Fleet or Russian bases in Crimea. Therefore, I think that President Putin and his entourage will not want to directly drag the United States into the conflict., - said retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges.

The threats against Russia by the former American general are of very serious concern, since today the United States is actively supporting Kyiv with the supply of weapons. This does not exclude the possibility that the United States will further impede the conduct of a special military operation, for example, by supplying more weapons.