US General


US General proposes to declare a full-scale war on Russia

In the United States, they proposed to go to war in Russia because of an agreement with the Taliban.

The United States continues to accuse Russia of collaborating with Taliban militants (a terrorist organization whose activities are banned in Russia - approx. Ed.), Saying that if this fact is confirmed, then it is better for Russia to prepare for war.

“The United States must give a tough response to Russia if it confirms the fact of its collusion with members of the Afghan radical Taliban movement (the organization is banned in Russia). According to Nicholson, during the years of his command in Afghanistan, from 2016 to 2018, he had already encountered evidence of cooperation between Moscow and the Taliban. In particular, the local authorities informed him that Russia, through Tajikistan, supplied the Taliban with small arms and ammunition, and also provided the organization with some funding. “If this is true, it is both a reckless miscalculation and a big mistake on the part of the Russians and the Taliban. History shows that such mistakes and miscalculations often lead to war, ”said Nicholson., - about it сообщает Russian information publication "".

Such threats from the United States against Russia are completely unacceptable, all the more so since Washington has no evidence regarding Russian cooperation with Taliban militants, however, if the United States continues to threaten Russia with war, it is obvious that Russia will do its best so that the war of the US military in Afghanistan does not end in Washington’s favor.

“The United States obviously believes that every retired general can easily threaten Russia with a war without realizing that if Russia wants to help the Taliban, then US losses will increase by tens or even hundreds of times.”, - the expert marks.

And the same general will sit in the headquarters, somewhere in the rear.