NATO Secretary General announced readiness to strike promptly on the Black Sea region

NATO declared its readiness to strike quickly at the Black Sea region.

Despite the steps taken to remove tension between Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made an unexpected statement in which he announced that the Alliance is ready, if necessary, to quickly transfer its forces to the Black Sea region and strike a powerful blow. Given the fact that it is Russia that is the key enemy of the West in this region, Stoltenberg is thus trying to directly threaten the Russian side, which can have very serious consequences.

“While NATO officials have stressed that they do not believe an attack is imminent, ministers should discuss a master plan to counter any potential Russian offensive on multiple fronts. With this strategy, they hope to be prepared for any attack in the Baltic and Black Sea regions, be it nuclear weapons, cyber warfare or space weapons. “This is a deterrent,” German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told Deutschlandfunk. “And this is adapting to the current behavior of Russia - and we are seeing violations, in particular, of the airspace over the Baltic countries, as well as an increase in incursions over the Black Sea,” she said., - supplements the speech of Stoltenberg edition "Deutschland Welle".

The situation between Russia and NATO has seriously worsened a few days ago, however, the statement made by Stoltenberg does not lead to normalization of relations, but will only cause an escalation of tension.

here the question is whose impact will be the first in terms of effectiveness. will we be able to simultaneously drown out all types of weapons surrounding us in the event of an attack and at the same time block and destroy all points from which the attack will be

This is for sure, even if there is no doubt!

One madam racked the Bundeswehr, the second decided to finish off?

The German Minister of Defense should be reminded of 1945, and just in case, stock up on a white flag of 45 m, they were very valuable.

And this is true! How much can you scare us?

They will promptly hit and quickly get a response !!