Russian General Staff: Ukrainian Navy bases under construction will be targeted by the Russian Armed Forces

Russia threatened Kiev with a tough response to the construction of two naval bases and the deployment of NATO ships on them.

After the statement by the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine that The Ukrainian Navy plans to build at least two naval bases in the Azov and Black seas, the General Staff of the Russian Federation announced that they would not tolerate any threats near their borders and would instantly identify these bases as key targets. Such a harsh response will force NATO to seriously consider whether such risks should be taken because of attempts to demonstrate to Russia a willingness to intercede for Ukraine.

"Two naval bases in the Black and Azov Seas, which Kiev is beginning to build in the Black and Azov Seas, will be targeted by the Russian Armed Forces, if they host NATO missile ships that threaten the Russian Federation.", - said a source in the General Staff of the Russian Federation.

Such measures on the part of Russia can be quite effective, however, experts note that Turkey, which still uses the Bosphorus as a tool to manipulate Russia's actions in the Black and Mediterranean Seas, can cause quite big trouble.

"It is important to remember that Turkey is also a NATO member and it is Ankara that most often accuses Russia of occupying Crimea, which does not exclude the possibility that Erdogan may go against Russia and block Russian ships in the Black Sea.", - the expert marks.

How can Eric block Russian ships in the straits? Yes, he won't give a pilot! And if he fires missiles? First time or something. Because of this, wars do not start

200 thousand Russian troops around Ukraine is normal, this is on its territory.
And when Ukraine builds some kind of base on its territory - why is it a pig squeal.
Or maybe Ukraine is still building in Russia?

“Erdogan can go against Russia and block Russian ships in the Black Sea,” the expert notes. Is it a specialist? Well, just imagine the Russian ships going through the straits. How can the Turks block them? Shoot them with rockets? It is clear to everyone that in this case, only firebrands will remain from Istanbul. And what else? Shouting from the boat into a megaphone that you are not allowed here, that you are blocked? :))))

Does anyone care about the opinion of the Russian Federation?

At gunpoint? This will already be a problem for Ukraine. The main thing for the British is to realize £ 1,7 billion. These will be bases, the fleet that will (will) be deployed in them will be able to go beyond them, only if it is Russian territory.

Pearl harbor probably didn't teach them anything.